Kimtech™ G3 Latex Gloves

Kimtech™ G3 Latex cleanroom gloves provide sensitive and dextrous protection in ISO Class 3 or higher cleanrooms. The gloves have excellent cleanliness and feature a textured finish for enhanced tactile performance.

Assured Compliance:- PPE Cat III according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425, - EN ISO 374-1:2016 Type C (K) Chemical Splash protection,- EN 374-4:2003 Resistance to degradation by chemicals,- EN ISO 374-5:2016 Micro Organism and VIRUS Protection- Certificate of Analysis available online

  • High quality latex material provides high levels of contamination protection against micro-organisms, chemical splash, particles and extractables.
  • Suitable for use in ISO Class 3 or higher cleanrooms, and provided with supporting technical information to demonstrate regulatory compliance.
  • Gloves are non-sterile, ambidextrous, disposable and a natural colour.
  • Textured palm and fingertips enhance grip and tactile sensitivity for safer and more efficient processes.
  • Beaded cuffs add strength to the gloves, reducing the risk of tearing and increasing their durability, while also reducing roll down for easier donning and doffing.
  • Made from natural rubber latex washed repeatedly in ultrapure deionised water and containing no powder, reducing the risks of skin irritation for the wearer.
  • Available in a range of sizes, from small to extra-large.

Kimtech™ G3 Latex Ambidextrous cleanroom gloves provide enhanced tactile sensitivity and performance, combined with high contamination control, for seamless protection when and where it counts.During manufacture the natural rubber latex gloves are washed repeatedly in ultrapure deionised water to ensure consistent control of particles and extractables. Gloves are then double-bagged with polyethylene materials and case liner to maintain cleanliness.Kimtech™ G3 Latex cleanroom gloves are non-sterile and are recommended for ISO Class 3, or higher, cleanroom environments, providing enhanced wearer protection and handling performance for even the most challenging applications. A high-quality finish, with texturing on the palm and fingertips, provides improved grip, tactile sensitivity and comfort in both wet and dry conditions.In addition, the powder-free construction minimises contamination and drying effects on the wearer’s skin, ensuring that cleanroom users are protected as much as their applications and equipment. The disposable gloves also feature beaded cuffs for easy donning, and better seal formation with other garments.Rigorous product development and testing, combined with proven manufacturing processes, results in latex cleanroom gloves that satisfy many regulatory compliance requirements, and the gloves are provided with all relevant supporting technical information. Available Sizes / Codes:S - HC225M - HC335L - HC445XL - HC555

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