Rosenberg - Nitrile gloves

Rosenberg -Nitrile Gloves


Sturdy, tear-resistant disposable nitrile gloves for professional use.
Disposable use as medical disposable gloves, chemicals
protection gloves, food and restaurants, cosmetics.

Layer thickness: 5 mil. approx. 0.13 mm, which is stronger than many other nitrile gloves
(approx. 0.09 mm), 
therefore more tear resistant. For thinner gloves,
2 pieces are often put on one above the other in practice.
(double consumption = double costs), which is not necessary with Rosenberg.

- Reinforced at fingertips and cuff for improved grip
and higher stability
(do not tear as quickly).

- Nitrile, free ofnatural latex, phthalate-free.

- Unpowdered, minimizesparticulate contamination,
when products should not be contaminated.

- Medical use according to EN455 (PPE), but not sterile for surgical use.

- Protects against contact with chemicals and chemical splashes for short periods.

- Ambidextrous use.

- Tight fit.

- Length: Size S = approx. 230 mm.

- Color: blue.

- Rolled edge.

- Suitable for food, approved for contact with food.

- CE certified (Europe)

- FDA certified (USA, Canada, Latin America).

Available sizes: S M L XL.
1 box contains 100 pieces (50 pairs).

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