SourceWeb 3-Ply Protective Disposable Face Mask

 The masks are manufactured in an FDA registered facility and are made with non-woven, melt-blown fabric. Sold in packs of 200.

These 3-Ply masks can help prevent the spread of viruses and are the economical choice to provide to customers and employees who are not in constant contact with individuals who have contracted a viral infection.  We do not however and cannot recommend these for medical use, if you are a first responder or need to protect yourself from viral infections we recommend you consider purchasing one of our N95 respirators.  This soft, multi-layer material is safe for the skin and will resist fine particles, bacteria, and air pollution.

Specific Product Information:
Size: Adult
Factory Registered with the FDA: Yes
Certifications: CE (European Union Certification)
Packaging: 200 3-Ply Masks per Box
Manufacturer: Various, available upon request at time of order.

Product Country of Origin: Various, available upon request at time of order.

Legal Disclaimer: Wearing of this mask mask does not protect the wearer from airborne particles and droplets and may prevent others from being exposed to virus such as SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19 illness.  Due to health-risk and sanitary nature of personal protective equipment, non-returnable status apply to all the health/cleaning/sanitary products we sell.  

All sales are final and items are non-returnable.  If there are any issues with the products please contact our customer service team so that we may give you excellent customer service and support.

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